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About Me

About Us
For as long as I can remember, my outfit for the day played a huge role in my attitude and my level of confidence for the day.
Both my mother and father were both very dapper, so much so, my mother majored in fashion design in high school.
One morning I woke up and I was a size 18/20. Ever since then my weight has fluctuated between an 18/20-22/24. I was able to shop at the usual plus size brands, but as I became more mature their brand didn't match my maturity and flair for fashion. I needed clothes that could go from a day in the office to date night.
The Vision...
Here at TamDiva’s Boutique, we strive to accentuate the confidence, beauty, and individualism of all women through beautiful and comfortable clothing.
Visit TamDiva’s Boutique where confidence, curves and beauty collide. Now Ladies, LET'S STRUT!